Slavers Bay - New Server 2x

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Slavers Bay - New Server 2x

Postby Smokey50 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:23 am

Good day fellow exiles. My name is Smokey50, If you are looking for a newer server, please come and join me. I am attempting to get a regular player base for the server i play on. Slavers Bay - Can be found here

It is still in experimental phase with the admins, But currently is 2x for most things. Admins are active, as well there is a discord channel for people to join.

There is not a set list of rules as of yet, but would hope that those interested in playing help shape the server.

A few that we would hope people follow though.
No cheating,
PvP is encouraged, but keep Griefing to a Minimum.

Thank you, And if you do join. Please have fun.
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