Fire and Ice (New High Quality RP Server)

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Astrid Thorvald
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Fire and Ice (New High Quality RP Server)

Postby Astrid Thorvald » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:11 pm

Hello Exiles!

Fire and Ice is going to be a fun RP experience. We care about our community and many of us that have joined so far have been part of a D&D group at one point or another. We try to filter out any players that might be...douche bags.

Fire and Ice is a HIGH QUALITY Server, and I am not just talking about the people. I spend a good amount of money for a server with a dedicated core. What does this mean? This means that I can have up to 50 people on the server and lag and the like will be really low. This all of course depends on your geographical location.

We do have item Reimbursement. A small building will be made in the The Newbie starting the off chance that there were hackers or you lost all your stuff because of a server crash, we will reimburse your items. We do realize Conan Exiles is still in early access and is quite buggy so we want to make your experience pleasant.

This is an 18+ Server. Mature and Adult things are allowed but please remember to respect the other player. Do not do anything they might be uncomfortable with OOC (Rape..Etc) This is also and LGBTQ Friendly server.

Admins WILL NOT Spawn items or things for their own personal benefit. It is frowned upon and it takes the challenge out of the game. I WILL look at server logs and if I see where an Admin has spawned something with their privileges they will be stripped of their administrative powers. The only time Admins are allowed to use their powers is for solving player related issues or in certain RP events. The only other time an Admin can use their powers is for constructing and building Neutral RP zones/cities and reimbursing players who lost their items do to hacking or to death/loss of items during server crash.

We have regularly scheduled RP events aside from the normal clan wars to add a bit of PVE aspect into the game. This will subside until they implement the purge system in Conan Exiles.

Most of they said in Bill and Teds excellent adventure..."Be excellent to one another"

If you are interested in joining, join us in discord!
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Re: Fire and Ice (New High Quality RP Server)

Postby BrandonFreer » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:30 pm

What’s the new discord link I want to join
Old one is expired
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