[US][Central]ConstructGaming PVP/2xExp/2xCrafting/2xGather

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[US][Central]ConstructGaming PVP/2xExp/2xCrafting/2xGather

Postby BaronMarco » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:03 pm

Hello, at ConstructGaming we have a small gaming community welcome to all.

Our Conan Exiles server is stable, with no plans to take it down anytime soon, updates daily, and has plenty of room to expand and build upon. Only a few remote locations have been built on as of now and so it's still free to build a base anywhere you want pretty much and secure your location still for you and your friends.

We have a teamspeak with info on our website of ConstructGaming.com to join off of if needed but teamspeak is NOT mandatory to come play on our server, but if you join teamspeak be respectful and civil. We just want the server to be populated and people to have fun but remember it is a PVP server.

The very few higher level players on have been told to avoid the starting areas to not grief new players and it's expected for people joining to respect the starting area as a non-griefing area. New player on new player is expected since it is PVP but no lvl 30 guy running in 1 shotting people.(If continuously griefed at the start/respawn area by higher level player(s) please let us know on teamspeak or our forums to deal with the player(s) doing so appropriately)

The name of the server is "[US][Central]ConstructGaming PVP/2xExp/2xCrafting/2xGather".
- 60 max pop
- 2x scale of xp and 2x gathering rate
- Relaxed playstyle but may have semi-rp in the near future to be discussed

You can join with the direct connect button recently added to the play online screen using the ip: (Query port 27015, but connect using 7777 on this Direct Connect button)

Since the in-game serverlists are not showing thousands of servers because the Devs broke their serverlist mechanics it leaves joining by IP as necessary.

Or checkout our instructions and server info to add it to your Favorites list in-game here: http://www.constructgaming.com/forum/m/ ... ning-by-ip

If you have any questions visit our Forums or hop on the teamspeak for ConstructGaming.com
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