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(EN/GER) DesperA 24/7 (18.02)(PVP)(Active Admins) - [EVENTS] - [NoGod]-

Postby masta2k9 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:25 am

Greetings Warriors!

Our dedicated server /GTX Gaming) is online since 18th of february.
At the moment there are about 4 active players on the server, so we need a few more to get the party started!

Only when the server causes lags, we will wipe it, but currently, there are no problems (High CPU Priority).

Wether you are an advanced player or a beginner, you are all welcome. If you have any questions about how to do anything, just ask, we will help you out.
We update the server no later than 30 minutes after a patch is coming out. Before we do that, we will warn you, so you are able to move back to your base.

At the moment, there is just an admin base, so you are free to build anywhere you want to.

Admin Tools are just used to remove abandoned bases and to help players. We are strictly against getting an advantage of this tools, all that we build and craft is made honestly.

Events like arena fights are in the making, we are looking forward to make it unforgetable!
Bloody fights for precious treasures!

Server Settings:
  • Server Restart and Backup 05:00
  • 50 Slots
  • max. clan size : 10
  • XP : x3
  • Harvest : x3
  • Resource Respawn Speed : x4
  • Stamina : x1
  • short night
  • no starving while offline
  • if you die, you will be able to collect your remaining loot
  • buildings can be destroyed
  • nudity : full
  • Avatars are deactivated, they are to unbalanced at the moment
  • Region : Europe

  • No Bugusing
  • kill on sight is allowed
  • do not flame to much
  • you have to build at least one continous stair to your base (no unreachable bases)
  • do not block spawns (NPCs or ressources)
  • abandoned bases (several days without activity) are going to be destroyed


Team Speak:
We have several channels for your tribes too!


--> !!The gates are open to bring glory to you, exiles!!<--

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