[Eu/PL] Karczma u Grajka (new priv oficial server)

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[Eu/PL] Karczma u Grajka (new priv oficial server)

Postby Grajek » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:43 am

Welcome to the Polish / European server PVP game Conan Exiles with room for 40 players. The server has to reflect Server Oficialnych also all have x1 outside perish items. I strongly invite every person willing to Grania. If the server population will increase server certainly did not fall. Restart server is what a day at 4:00 am and the server is automatically getting up after a down servers


server settings
Type: PvP
Allowed nudity: Full
The multiplier factor for PD Player 1.0
XP multiplier for the time for the player 1.0
The multiplier for the killings for Player 1.0
XP multiplier for collecting the Player 1.0
Multiplier PD for production for Player 1.0
Cycle of day / night:
Cycle speed of 1.0
The speed of the passage of time during the day 1.0
The passage of time in the night: 1.0
Time to dawn to dusk: 1.0
Time to catch up: 1.0
- Logout forms exist in the world.
- Items are not after death
- Everyone can plunder corpses
The scale of the speed of deterioration of objects: 0.1
Multiplier collecting items 1.0

Multiplier speed re-emergence of resources: 1.0
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