[EU - x2] Dunder O Brak Wiped 6/3 / PVP / Safe Nights

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[EU - x2] Dunder O Brak Wiped 6/3 / PVP / Safe Nights

Postby Goblin » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:54 am

[EU - x2] Dunder O Brak Wiped 6/3 / PVP / Safe Nights


This server is hosted in sweden and have a good Community on discord. we have a max slot of 60players and looking for more to join us.
If you like raid free nights if you gonna work or go to school this server is perfect for you!.¨
We did wipe it yesterday so everyone is still fresh if you go on and join it :D

Our Rules.
1. You are always welcome to trashtalk everyone but keep it clean. Do not extensively spam the chat with trashtalk.
2. Always contact admins if you suspect cheating on the server in a pm
3. If you are Building on top of a Mountains, Make sure you have a same/higher tier of stairs/floor as the door.
4. Greifing is not allowed.
5. If YOU are raiding a base, leave the beds alone so they atleast can spawn on it when they get back online.
6. Do not build close to thrall camps as they may despawn.
7. Raid timer is set to 16:00 - 24:00 +1gmt

We do have our own discord server and you are welcome to join it on: https://discord.gg/bQAYfVn

Thanks for Reading and hope to see you there :D

// Goblin
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