GER/ENG 40 Slot PVP PVE new Server

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GER/ENG 40 Slot PVP PVE new Server

Postby tronjer » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:43 am

Hi there,

we just startet our new 40 Slot PVP/RP Server, its paid for a few months in advance, long up time is so guaranteed.

Here the are facts:

- 40 Slot Server
- just started, enough place for your bases
- no rating push
- no admin abuse (admin doesent play, only aviable for maintaince - same chances for every players. no port, items etc)
- At Start no baise raid, beginner protection
- short nights
- recently updated
- no wipes planed atm

Seetle down and build without hesitate your own bases. Everyone is welcome, lone wolves and whole clans!

hope to see you @

DE Herkules

barbaric regards

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