[GER-EU PVP] Verflucht (3x XP, 3x Loot, Clanmax 5)

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[GER-EU PVP] Verflucht (3x XP, 3x Loot, Clanmax 5)

Postby Unl3a5h3r » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:59 pm


XP Rate: x3
Collect rate: x3
Less thirst and hunger
More endurance
Slightly faster respawn rate of materials
Maximum 5 clan members
Non-build-radius halved around bases
For the time being no avatars

Wipes will be decided by the community.

Scheduled server restart: Every 4 hours

Server IP:
Discord: Code: aGQ7kKK


§1 The admins are always right
§2 The admins do not reimburse anything
§3 Admins do not play actively
§4 No blocking of NPC spawns
§5 No spamming of individual foundations
§6 No racism, extremist action, and the like

In case of violation of the rules you will be according punished.
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