new server started 26.03 5x harv/gath 3x xp need players :)

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new server started 26.03 5x harv/gath 3x xp need players :)

Postby unability » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:22 pm

▶️ [ENG]Klovner i kamp PVP/Fresh 26.03/5xAll/NoGods/Active admins
Server name: ![EN]Klovner i kamp PVP [5x all] [Fresh 26.03] No Avatar

Discord server: Klovner i kamp @ Discord[] (
Here you can always reach admins (we are more than 1), talk to other players, or just hang out.
We can also open up a voice channel for your clan on our discord server

Server settings:

3x XP
5x Gather
5x Harvest
Crafting speed increased
PvP Enabled: Yes
Clan Max Size: 7
Character stays in game when logged off
Short nights, long days
Avatars Disabled: Yes
Item spoil rate: 0,1

Raid times (building damage only)

Weekdays: 19.00 - 23.00
Weekends: 14.00 - 00.00

Hosted by g-portal, located in Germany.


Excessive or unnecessary destruction of player owned structures is not allowed.
Cheating or exploiting will result in ban.
Raidable bases - Stairs leading up to doors must have a ceiling/foundation between them and all of the same tier.
Do not build or place objects to block NPC thrall spawns or cave entrances.
English on global chat only
Place your foundations with your new neighbours base in mind

In-Game Search: ![EN]Klovner i kamp PVP
Steam Connection: steam://connect/
Direct Connection:
Active Admins - We always strive for fairness, and satisfied players. Usually both in game, and / or via discord.

Admin's will be available to delete old buildings, spawn blocking etc.

Admins will not participate in PvP or influence the community as to cause an unfair advantage for any players, but PvP clans and battles are highly promoted.
Population is currently very low being brand new, but we will endeavour to promote the server and build a community. Get in first while you can.
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