[Setup]Dedicated Machine Server Setup[After PATCH 06.02.2017]

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[Setup]Dedicated Machine Server Setup[After PATCH 06.02.2017]

Postby Vapr0_Get_Lit » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:42 pm

[Blackscreen Fix / PATCH 02.02.2017a FIX][Works for PATCH 06.02.2017]

[Step 1]
make a folder anywhere were you want to access your server and call it what ever you want.

Here is my Example:

In that file make two new files called:


[Step 2]
1-Get SteamCMD
https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/ ... eamcmd.zip
2-Extract the contents of the steamcmd.zip to SteamCMD.
3-Open a terminal window on SteamCMD.
3-Let it run until you get ">Steam"

In the SteamCMD make a .Batch File Called "FetchServerFiles.bat"
Open it with Notepad ++ or Notepad
In there type this in or copy/paste:

Code: Select all

@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\ConanExileServerFiles\ConanExileServer" +app_update 443030 +quit

Let it run and finish
Then lets validate it or patch the game
1-open FetchServerFiles.bat
2-In there re-type this in or over copy/paste:

Code: Select all

@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\ConanExileServerFiles\ConanExileServer" +app_update 443030 validate +quit

[Step 3]
1-Open C:\ConanExileServerFiles\conanexileserver
2-Run "StartServer.bat" once and wait till you get to

Code: Select all

[2017.02.03-12.28.05:700][  0]LogLoad: Full Startup: 15.20 seconds (BP compile: 0.00 seconds)
[2017.02.03-12.28.05:700][  0]LogExternalProfiler: No external profilers were discovered.  External profiling features will not be available.
[2017.02.03-12.28.05:735][  0]LogNet: UNetDriver::TickDispatch: Very long time between ticks. DeltaTime: 0.03, Realtime: 23.09. SteamNetDriver_0

3-then close the Command Prompt by pressing Ctrl + C

[Step 4]
1-Head to C:\ConanExileServerFiles\conanexileserver\ConanSandbox\Config
2-and open DefaultEngine.ini with a text document reader (notepad++)
3-Press Ctrl + F and search for OnlineSubsystemSteam
-4put this in:

Code: Select all

GameDescription=    YOUR DESCRIPTION


Code: Select all


To find the X.X.X.X which you replace with your IPv4
To do that; open up Command Prompt or Powershell
And type:

Code: Select all


Copy the IPv4 ip and replace it with the X.X.X.X
Above [OnlineSubsystemSteam]
put in this new line of code (make sure you have a spacing between like the others

Code: Select all


[Step 5]

Now in the same folder as the DefaultEngine.ini, Open DefaultGame.ini
you will see this near the top

Code: Select all

MaxPlayers=50 <- is how many slots your server will have and 50 current limit without having any server lag or rubberbanding issues

[Step 6]
Run StartServer.bat in C:\ConanExileServerFiles\conanexileserver
you don't need to put anything into the StartServer.bat
if you followed everything i posted

[Step 7]
Note that PATCH 06.02.2017 broke the steam server search, so the only way to find your server if its working is thru
A) https://topconanservers.com/

B) Doing a

[Setting Launch Parameters]
This method is the one i personally had success with, you will also need the IP of the server you're trying to connect to, for this method to work.
1) Find Conan Exiles in your steam library
2) right click "Conan Exiles" in your library and select "Properties"
3) then select "Set Launch Options..."
4) in the window that pops up you'll want to enter the following: "+connect" (you put your IP and Port)
5) replace the IP given here with the IP from the server you're trying to connect to.
6) Launch your game and then wait it can take a few minutes for it to connect you via this method to the server.
(source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =855222130)
C ) wait till they patch this up.
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Re: [Setup]Dedicated Machine Server Setup[After PATCH 06.02.2017]

Postby moghul91 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:50 am

my friends cant join my server, they say the error is server not responding what seems to be the problem anyone knows? i can join mine though but they cant... i done port forwarded 777,7778, 27015,27016
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