My first impressions

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Cimmerian Builder
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My first impressions

Postby Cimmerian Builder » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:50 am

Hello, i m noob of the game...since it was released yesterday (and all, i presume, are noobs in this sense, for what concern this game)...but i m an experienced player of other survivalist games. I m testing the game alone, in a private session, without any other player interference. I m testing the crafting system. I need some clarifications FROM DEVELOPERS: 1) Why crafting don't give experience to the charachter (i mean that i ve reached level 10 now, but all my experience comes from Killing monsters and npc, while i didn t receive any experience from mining, farming wood, crafting items and building items and structures like a bow or a furnace) ? ; 2) Why combat system is so little accurate and so rough...(it remember to me the Skyrim combat system, but it is worse of Skyrim: you CAN 'T normally dodge, roll on your knees, jump and the can only hit the enemy while the enemy hits you or, if you use a bow, you can run away, fire an arrow and run again)? ; 3) Is it not calculated, for the future, a system involving quests, in order to make the game more interesting (magical treasures, loot, secrets) and more complete? For now those are my first questions about the game. The game is good for what concerns the graphic level (anyway really i dont understand why the first person is the only well supported mode, while the third person is only partially supported), but there are a lot of things that could be done far far better... It is an "early access" game, i know... i continue to test :idea:
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Re: My first impressions

Postby Vapr0_Get_Lit » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:29 am

for the xp for crafting, you have to up the multiplier settings, i believe that can only be done in a LAN server (not the ingame single coop server).

The combat system has been improved with the latest patch, but this will get better.

I believe there is tons to explore. lots of caves and secret locations..
as for quest.. the might be in their in the future.

As for the first and third person... i don't quite understand what you mean... i see no difference.
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Re: My first impressions

Postby Deviant » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:56 pm

The only issue I have had with the game so far, and this goes for all survival games is the combat.
Alex the kidd playing rock paper scissors was more engaging and it seems every survival game just seems to think that this is ok.

Im not asking for classes or to turn the game into an mmo (although I would not be opposed) but some combat that feels skill based would go a long way to the longevity of the game. I know this is early access and there are improvements to come but I cant see the combat being developed that far if this is the base.

I would also like to see a lot more crafted vanity items to make your house feel like a home but im sure this will come over time.
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